Thursday, March 5, 2009


What better thing to talk about than what many of us high schoolers do in our free time (at least so of the time). Xbox, has gotten a lot of crap about many aspects of it. For instance watch WARNING it uses profane language, and may be slightly offencive to women (because the author is replying to a women). It's only ment to show how wrong people can be about video games. Maybe they need to just sit down and play it.

I've had an xbox for a little over a year and a half, and haven't ever regret it. See, teenagers don't always have a lot to do, and this is something that can keep us entertained and out of trouble. But, I think xbox and other video games alike have major benefits. I notice a lot of logic, physics, tactics, hand eye coordination, and knowing how to communicate with panicking, unknowledgeable, or knowledgeable people to work together and get things done. These are just a few that come to mind while I sit here.

My dad and his buddies have recently gotten to like xbox a lot. This doesn't mean they have quit their jobs to play, but every once and a while they'll pull an all nighter. Now me, being a Fairly quick learner when it comes to games, watch as my dad (who wins at everything) runs straight down a street in COD4 lined with bad guys. And duh, he died. Or in another military based game, how they maneuver to take out some bad guys. Ugh, I want to jab my eyes out when the sniper runs into the base filled with guys while the rifle dude runs in the back ground warning the sniper if guys are coming.

These qualities do show in real life situations. I took my dad and four of his buddies came along. We played some regular elimination scenarios, but their guns (and tactics but I didn't tell them that) were being way out done, so we went to the speed ball course where guns don't matter as much (at least in my opinion). A buddy of mine and I could take them all out without anyone of us getting hit. They didn't know how people act under pressure, when we did. Seeing something and taking advantage of it, didn't seem to be very well ingrained into their minds. My buddy and I (who really aren't that good) were like ghosts to them.

Well... i'm just rambling, but videos games did help make the difference. I'm not saying video games are all positive, i'm saying they have positives.

Here's a video that I think would help with the video games with the frying aspect.

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  1. I have nothing against video games. Granted, as I said in class the day we discussed media and violence, I would not personally play a game like Grand Theft Auto, but I am not going to say that it shouldn't be made or played by other people. It's a free country. But I enjoy video games (even though I am not terribly good at them most of the time). I have a PS2 (it seems so archaic now) and I really want a Wii.