Sunday, February 22, 2009

Life explained

A friend of mine and myself, we travel a lot. We travel, and as shameful as it my sound, and look for women. A few years back on our "tour", we visited a few places in California with no luck, so we decided to take a trip to Idaho.
The two of us are epic wing men. When we're together, we make many new friends with the ladies haha. Separate, not so much, but as a team, we got it down. Anyway, we hadn't been to successful that week, so we're sitting talking and scoping, as he turns to me and says "I've figured it out." He said "We've got it all wrong. If you spend your life running after women, you'll lose my. But if you spend your life chasing after money, you'll get women." This we died laughing at. We knew this was true on a large scale, but we had or doubts about money of our caliber. So we started a little test. He, being a year older, said he'd be the one to get the job, and I would be the one that was going to pursue the ladies.
So, last year, this is what we did. He'd feed all the girls to me, and he'd pretend to be the work alcoholic that had no time for girls. Things changed dramatically! This last year, he could keep the girls off of him so to speak, and yet my success rate stayed roughly the same.
So now that our research is done, it's time to post our results.

"If you spend your life chasing after women, you'll lose money. If you spend your life chasing after money, you'll get women."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

V. Weekend

Kirkwood this weekend was awesome! Almost every run you took in the morning, you made first tracks through 1ft-2ft of powder. Craziness. This being my first really nice powder day, I have added somethings I like and dislike about powder.

First thing I dislike, is since I'm a skier, I don't like how the borders go straight down. It ruins the snow. Skiers can't really do that. We have to hop, and cut on our edges, because we cannot plow as much of the snow like a board. Now when the boarders cut a line down the middle, it causes the skier to go in and out of powder, killing our legs and sending us head over heals.

Second, boarders get stuck way to easy. Some friends of mine board and they'll go anywhere for fresh powder, even if we had to go to the intermediate runs to get it. Problem with the Blues (intermediate) runs, is some places are not very step. The powder would slower them down so fast they'd wreck, and couldn't get up because the snow was to deep: you could reach your hand down as far as you wanted, and not hit the bottom. So needless to say, i had to pull up a few people out of the snow. But then, being that the run wasn't very steep, they couldn't move, so I pulled them out too.

Other than that, I love powder. Doesn't hurt as bad when you wreck. You can go down any run without fear. Attracts beautiful women that you have to pull out of the snow, i mean who can complain with that?

So what is your opinion on powder?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Socialism? Or Smart Capitalism?

There have been a few things lately that seem to have given America a push toward Socialism. Now don't get me wrong, I realize we are still a long ways aways from Socialism, but I couldn't help notice a few things.

Let's start with President Bill Clinton. Clinton made regulations that made banks lower their lending standards to give out loans to people that would have previously been denied. In other words, the banks had to give out money to poor people which they knew would probably not be able to pay it back. It was either the banks gave out high risk loans, or answer to the government.

Now, strangely enough, the banks are asking for bailout money, which comes out of our tax money. Who's fault is that, is a hard and long one to answer (from Clinton, to Bush, to Congress, etc.). Luckily (or unluckily), Obama has given some of the banks bailout money, which in its self is anti-capitalistic, but also put a restriction on how much the executives could make. Uh... Socialism. Some of those executives were making tens of millions of dollars a year. Obama brought them down to $500,000. Is that fair? Obama said, it's not right for those businesses to be paying their executives all that money and yet lay people off. I know this my sound bad but why? Capitalism is a dog-eat-dog world. Get better, or go home hungry. Obama also wants to take their private jets away. That's pretty lame. Um... That's the executive's, who by the way are pretty important, means of transportation.

I realize some of us will think, "ya well they didn't need all that money." But your missing the point, the government shouldn't restrict how much we get paid. Okay, say the executives got paid $10,000,000, and are now getting paid $500,000. That's a 95% pay cut. Okay, let's say you work for $10/hr. 40hrs. a week for 52 weeks. That comes out to $20800 (before taxes). Now, if you had to abide by the same rules, you would only get $1040 before taxes a year. That doesn't seem fair now does it.

Now, I will be fair in saying that if Obama takes off the restriction after the banks pay back the bailout money (with interest of course), then I would totally agree with his decision of restrictions. If I were Obama, I would be worried that the banks would ask for free bailout money, and then just stick it in their pockets. But if the restrictions were just part of the deal for money it would turn more capitalistic, because it would be just like taking out a loan, with more restrictions in the contract.

I could write a lot more to fill in all my loop holes and gaps of information, but my blog would turn into a book haha. Maybe I'll add on next time. Anyway, asking a few friends what they think, they said that they would be up for socialism, as long as they weren't affected. Isn't that the truth haha. So I'm curious to know what you think. Socialism or Capitalism? Why or why not? And if you have any newer up to date information that you don't think I have, feel free to let me know.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Friends and Dating

I usually don't really have that much interesting on my mind to talk about, especially on a blog, so I have a question that will hopefully be of benefit to many of us.

OK, what's the right amount of friend advice for a relationships? When is it that you (the friend) go to far, or not far enough?

I know this question may be different for the ladies than the guys (that's what I'm looking for), but advice as a best friend can take you from the friend to foe with one slip up. I personally haven't had this happen to me because many of us guys stick to "Bros before...", but I have had friends that have had this happen to them.

Now, being seventeen, some of my friends (19-21) are engaged, how do you say "uh dude, you might want to think about this one, she/he's crazy haha" without messing anything up? That's where I go wrong, cause that's exactly how I say it haha. I guess a positive thing about being so straight forward like that, is people only ask me if they really want my opinion haha. None of that little white lie stuff. The problem, however, with being so straight forward, is some people can't take it like that. So again, my question, how do you go about putting in your ten cents in a way they get your message without throwing out your friendship with your advice.

OK, here's my opinion for the question. First, get friends that you can talk to and be able to say whatever. If a friendship is thrown out because of this new guy/girl, then it must not have been a very good friendship. Secondly, give only the necessary comments, but if the dating friend asks you for your opinion, by all means give him/her your speech. If you really feel like you need to talk to your friend about their date ASAP, tell them that you need to talk, and give it to em then, but only use that one when you really need to.
Ya, that's pretty much it, although I am a guy and have limited emotion. I'm really looking for a response from the ladies, cause it's so interesting what you guys have to deal with in comparison.