Saturday, March 14, 2009

What is the Perfect Career?

Currently I've just finished a career planning class. During the course of this class, I took several different personality tests, which were givin to me by the teacher, to help find a job that would best fit "me". I was giving a list of the top ten closes jobs that would fit me (in two 15 page portfolios). The top ten consisted of careers like financial manager, accountant, military officer, computer and information systems manager, and an actuary.

Getting these as a few careers I should think about going into, or that would best fit me, I did some research on them all. What I found out, is almost all of these guys sit back and tell people what to do. The majority, of the telling people what to do, had to do with telling them how to spend their money. Ha-ha, i'm 17 and I have to personality and skills to tell people how to spend their money, and organize how to run business things? All I have to say to that is wow. If I am the kind of person for that job, no wonder the economy is in the craper.

And since I've been doing my research, I also want to know other careers that I may be good at.
From the information above, it seems to tell me that i'm good with money. I also consider myself OK at math, and communications. So, if you have any cool careers that you know of that would fit these abilities (which are tons), write a comment with the career's title. It would really help since i'm in the stage of choosing what i want to do for a career. Thanks.


  1. I definitely know what you mean. I'm also 17 and at that place where too many options meets pressure to make some important decisions.

    From what it sounds like, you like video games. Why not something in the gaming industry? You could be a project manager or partner with someone to lead another company. There are a lot of people who have great ideas but need someone to really lead their business or be the communicator in the partnership. It all depends on what you really enjoy. I recommend asking someone who owns a business a bunch of questions to see if you can see yourself in their position. I don't know much about business and communications, but I think that the world needs more good communicators and leaders, so you shouldn't worry about being out-of-demand.

    I hope that helps a bit. Good luck!

    ~Alyssa J.

  2. Alyssa is right - you enjoy video games, so why not make money in that idustry as a career. You may not get to be a designer (as I think you have to have some degrees in design and computer engineering), but you could still be involved in those companiesand fields.

  3. I've also been thinking about this a lot lately.. and I think I would definitely have to agree with the previous two comments: follow your passion. In some instances, it doesn't have to be direct, it just has to be an occupation that allows you to re-direct that positive energy you get while your doing something you enjoy. like playing video games.

    Another way to maybe find out if a career is good for you is talk to someone in the field, and ask them how they got involved. Once you find one you are interested in that is. sorry i don't really have any suggestions. Politician maybe? Chimney sweep? idk.

  4. I took one of those classes 25 years ago and What I found out shoked me. I am a little skeptical of them now. Because I like the artsy kind of things, the test stated that the best job for me was a iron worker. You know the kind that are up on tall buildings. Egad. No thanks. I am not so happy to be up really high. I think you have to really analize your true loves and go with that, especially if you like video games.