Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break!

I know it's a little to soon to be celebrating spring break, but in my opinion, i'm ready for a week off. I need some "chill" time, but even my break is going to be packed with things to do.

I plan on going to Idaho to visit my grandpa who just but a huge house (because he's afraid of banks), help with making the house perfect for him, visit my aunt and uncle (who must have lost their spoons when they were raising their children, say goodbye to a good friend who's going into the military, and probably spend time doing the never-ending-bed-ridding mountain of homework that I will undoubtedly get from most of my teachers. So, it's a pretty short list, but the last (on the things to do) will take most of my "me" time away.

And thinking about this upcoming weekend and how it's full of time consuming stuff, I thought back about my past "time offs." And I have come to realize, there's almost no such thing as "me" time anymore. I mean, I can only recall a few times that vacation has been a vacation. Anyone who is in school, wont have vacation during the school year. And now, even the "summer vacation" is being takin away by pre-class homework. What kind of sick teachers do that? No offence to teachers, but that is wrong :). The last couple years of high school, many of my friends could only have fun for the first few weeks of summer, and only because they would put off their HW for that long. I, never being one who enrolled in such a class, thought it a joke. But no, they had books to be read before class started. And you had to read them, 'cause if you didn't, everything would go right over your head when class "started."

Having that new perceptive on life (that there is no chill time), it's made me even more want to go to school to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or anyone that makes bank, so I can earn enough money to escape for a while to chill.

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  1. I have also never understood the assigning of homework during the summer. Unless you are taking summer school, you should beable to enjoy the break that summer provides. Or, if a teacher insists on requiring summer reading, I would let students choose their own list of what to read (within certain perameters). Students need downtime, just as teachers do.