Monday, May 11, 2009

Blogs are a waste of time

I really wanted to do this one next week, but the feeling in so strong, I can't help but write it now. Blogs are a waste of time. What purpose do they serve? To hear about someones life? Honestly, who cares?

Don't get me wrong, I like to her about people's life, and hard times that they made it through that my serve as a example for me going through the same thing. But most blogs aren't, they are just way to get out your opinion. "I like dogs. I got a belly ache last weekend." Who fricken cares? I get about as must out of that as talking to my bedroom wall.

Blogs are only useful if the writer does research, and posts his/her findings so that it's easier for someone else to find. Other than that, you're just promoting stupidity. By the time that I will have finished this pointless blog, I could have gone to at least the different three different businesses, picked up an application, filled them out, and had enough time for some idle chit chat to show i'm good with people. Or, I could have done an 45min worth of research one what ever I want. You could have spent an hour with your kids. All of these you're finding out something new that may help your life in some way. In other words, you're moving on with your life. You will be helping society as a whole by being productive. Blogs about random crap about your self that serve no purpose DON'T!

I have a quick question to ask to anyone who's life revolves around blogging. Is it so hard to get friends or a fan club in real life, that you have to have a ton of cyber friends? I mean come one people, to be useful in "the real world," you have to be able to talk to people. Sure, some people will find a job where you can go to a job meeting and say, "LOL OMG I tld a guy BRB TTYL an he was lik ... LOL OMG that SPOS SOB is so ROFL stupid LOL" but most will not.

So please, if you are asking anyone to write blogs, make them have to write about something useful. Whether you become or are a teacher, a boss, manager, janitor that makes people blog. Make it worth their time. Make it worth societies time. And if there is anyone out there that don't have a job and want one, wanting a better job, and yet you have enough time to blog and read other blogs, I should have the right to walk over to you and kick you in the face. Life sucks move on. Better your life. Find a productive outlet for you social neediness.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Politically Correctness

PC (or politically correct(ness)) is a good thing, but the way people want us to us it is wrong. Okay, I take that back, it's not necessary wrong, but it's just a way to bog down progress and (even though it may not seem like it) promotes separation. To prove this, I will give you an example of one of the many referrals (they're bad) I received in high school.

This story takes place in my Economics/Government class. It was just after Barack Obama was elected president. The class walks in and sits down, and the teacher tells us "today is a historic event. Today the United States has its first African-American president." Of course, i'm the student that was known for making sure the teachers knew what they were talking about and challenge them in a positive way. So I raised my hand and asked "shouldn't he just be called an "American"? After all American is supposed to be blind to race." Well, this must have been a racist comment so I was thrown out. When he came out to "tell me who's boss" (which never worked) he asked why I was against calling Barack a African-American. I told him I didn't call myself a European-American, I'm proud to be an American so I say i'm an American. The president of the United States HAS to be an American. Barack was supposedly born in American, so he's an "American." I said he should be proud to be an American and not separate himself from the rest of us.

There was some more stuff said about how I come to school to learn from you, the teacher. If my view is so wrong, teach me, tell me how it's wrong because this is how Americans want to believe. He told me he didn't teach racist things, and I got sent down to talk (again) to the AP/Principle. My counselor came down to listen to me give my speech in the AP's room. They both said I was totally right, and should write in the paper (but I don't like writing so I declined).

So, by being politically correct, my teacher was promoting a separation of race.

Politically correctness slows down progress. Just think of the amount of times you had to wait to say a simple thing as, "hey kid, get to work" because you don't know how they're gonna take that. Then, there are some things that white people can't say (again going back to the separation idea). It's seems only to be white people that are limited because we're the majority (that may not be politically correct). One, that's limiting our freedom of speech of regular words like "boy", "colored" (as an example) when any Black/colored-whatever they preferred to be called- people are in the room. Instead we have to put in words like "as an example" or "I don't mean this but..." or any other way of making our already innocent selves innocent. It's stupid! I can understand not offending people on purpose because that's just wrong. But people need to grow a pair and stop being such whiny sewing babies. California has one of the highest lawsuit rates. Why? FOR DUMB REASONS. "Oops I'm stupid; I spilled coffee on myself. I feel like suing frickin McDonalds for making frickin coffee too hot! STUPID! Get a life.

All this politically correctness has a place. But it needs to have limits for Pete's sake. Anything anyone says could be politically incorrect if I took it a different way. Ugh... So... my solution is: Grow a pair, and realize life sucks, and that's just the way it is. Period.

Monday, April 27, 2009

What is the most important thing for the "real world"?

Many people, including myself, have asked the question "what do I need to be successful?" Of course there are many answers to this question, but not to long ago, someone went and asked the fortune 500 CEO's what they thought was the most important skill. Over 80% of the CEO's said that public speaking and other communication skills is critical to being successful on a huge scale.

Yes, you can argue there are those shy-quite-nerds/geeks (I used to be one) that make it successful, but the percentage of those out there are very very few. Why? People use the smart people for their brains and then advertise their (not the smart ones) success. This was true for me in middle school and high school. I was a whizz at science, Algebra (I'm in trig now and grrrr, it makes no sense. Half the numbers you use AREN'T EVEN REAL! I hate it.), and economics. In middle school they used to give awards for people who increased their grades in a certain class over the year; well... a nice chunk of those who increased their grades in math and science because the teacher put with me. These people were absolute tards that should never be allowed to reproduce, but the teacher put them with me (hurting my grade) to give them the false hope that they could possibly be successful in life. (I know, that last bit was a little harsh). But who got the fame and credit for raising their grade? Them, not me.

This is how the real world works, and I have switched my ways to prepare for it. People will use the quite shy smart people. Because the nerds don't know who to get out that they are the ones that people want to hire, people will take credit for the nerds work. Maybe not saying "I did this work" when they didn't, but being part of the solution, even if you didn't help at all, but being able to say "I was a part of this", will really help your success in life.

The ability to be able to say "I was a part of this, hire me" or "I'm the best for the job" is a communication skill. Why is it some commercials stay with you or affect you differently than others? Because the people that made the commercial made the commercial to affect you in that way. That is a communication skill that quite people don't have. Look at the presidential races. Thomas Jefferson once wanted the people to elected the best person for the job, not just who was more popular. He soon found out this didn't work. John Adams, who knew people are dumb, advertised a ton. He knew that if he became more well known than his opponent, he'd win. Sure enough he did.

The ability to communicate will help you to succeed far more (on the average curve) than non-communication smarts. If you don't agree, look at what some of the most successful people said.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Animal Testing

I know that this is a very sensitive subject and many people will have strong feelings toward this topic. So if you're a very sensitive person I advice you to STOP READING NOW! I'm desensitized towards many things, and this topic is one of them. I am a human at the top of the food chain and will not give up my spot to a lesser being because "I'm a nice person". Sorry, but it's true. I am not one of these people <>

As we all know, animals are being tested one for our benefit. Many of these tests are for vain products like lipstick and shampoo, etc, but many of these tests are tests for diseases. I know of one such place (in which I will keep my silence for) the gives monkeys cancer, AIDS, alcohol poisoning. They also preform open heart brain, heart surgeries, and practice re-attaching limbs that they purposely removed.

This my sound like one of your worst nightmares and that these people are animal haters and should be done away with because of their brutality towards animals. But what is an interesting side note, is that these people actually love these monkeys (along with the many other animals). They buy them toys, they love them, all the monkeys have names, and all the other things that go along with "loving" an animal.

I propose an alternative. American has over 2 million people in jail. Many of these are in for life, or and many still are on death row. It's said that if CA today started killing one person a day from now, it would take around 23 years until the list was gone through. This is what I propose... For final testing of cures, instead of testing them on Innocent people through blind test, we could test them one inmates that are in for life or death row. And if one of them happens to not make it through surgery, oh well... they were on death row and were supposed to die anyway.

These inmates are a burden one my life, why not make them give something back to society? Make 'em work (screw the unions), and send 'em in for testing.

I know, my bad, that's just how I feel.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Over the break, I went to Idaho and visited a buddy of mine before he went into the air force. While we were there, we got board so we went bowling. We happened to go to the first ever built bowling alley in the US, or so it seemed.

This bowling alley was terrible! But it was the kind of terrible that was absolutely hilarious. We called guys over to fix our tweakin out machine around three times within the first five frames (in which a couple the guy stayed for a few frames each. After that, we just went with it because it was way funnier when we had no idea what the machine was going to do next.

The first game we played, I bowled a gutter ball every two balls (I know I'm pro haha), yet for some reason I would get points for my roll. A few times, maybe it's because the machine felt bad for how bad I was, it would give me a new roll free of charge with all the pins up. That means,I'd get two rolls to knock all ten pins, then I'd get one more roll to knock down another set of ten.

One time my friend bowled a strike and the machine gave the points to me. Ya, it was pretty awesome. He didn't think so, but I did haha. I told he that the machine was racist and it loved me better. I know that's not politically correct, but life would be void of humor without politically incorrectness.

Yep, and the grand finally, the machine when it would set up the pins, would sometimes knock them all down. This is cool for the score board because it makes a strike appear, but for the fairness of the game, it was kinda cheep.

So... if you are ever interested in going bowling while you are in Boise, Idaho and looking for a hilarious time, check out some of the bowling alleys row 6 and I promise you an absolutely crazy funny time!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Why do people smoke? It effects you physical and mentally. The smoke as soon as it hits your lungs makes the Adrenalin glands go crazy and start producing epinephrine (or Adrenalin). It also makes signals go to your head that release dopa means (or making your brain think you are experiencing pleasure). There are actually benefits to smoking. There have been a few studies showing that a new smoker actually has an increased reaction time. Maybe this is because of the higher respiration rate, blood pressure, heart rate. Smokers at first feel more calm... and other such soothing feeling. So, is this why people smoke? If so, it's a pretty pathetic and potentially dangerous habit.

One cigarette contains over 4,000 different chemicals. That alone should send warning signs to any smoker. Included in these chemicals is Arsenic (which is a poison), Acetic Acid (Corrosive to respiratory tract), Acetone (used in nail polish removers), Ammonia. (Used in floor and toilet cleaners), Cadmium (Car battery Fluid), Carbon Monoxide (interferes with the supply of oxygen in the blood to the rest of the body), DDT/ dielderon (Insecticides), Ethanol (Alcohol), Formalin (used in preserving human tissue and fabric), Hexamine (used in explosive compounds), Hydrogen Cyanide (Poison), Methane (Petroleum Gas), Naphthalene (used in moth balls)
Nicotine (Schedule 6 Poison), Nitro Benzene (a petrol additive), Phenols (used in disinfectants), Stearic Acid (used in candle wax), Toluene (Industrial solvent), Vinyl Chloride (used in PVC). These are just a few from Smoking, as we all know, increases chance for heart attack, stroke, lung cancer, etc.

Now some say cigarettes can't be proving to cause lung cancer, while others say it can. So how about I give some interesting facts. 48 million people smoked last year. 180,000 people were diagnosed with lung cancer last year. Although the ratio to smokers to lung cancer is very low, here's something interesting. Of those 180,000 people that were diagnosed with lung cancer, 96% of them smoked. That is a huge percentage! If you don't see the connection between % of smokers, to % of lung cancer, to % of lung cancer and smokers, I suggest taking a statistics class because this is pretty obvious.

But like all statistics, #'s can be used both ways. For smokers, they can say the chance is very slim, and is easy to repair (that is if you stop smoking before anything bad happens. The cilia repairs its self in three days. And in 5 years, your chance for stroke and heart disease is that of a non-smoker.

But those against smoking can say, why risk it? The benefits to bad consequences is highly in favor of bad consequences.

I honestly don't care either way, but don't get in the way of my life by needing health care for your baby cause you smoked while pregnant, or put my health in danger with careless smoking, or complaining about anything that I can tie back to smoking. Smoking is your choice; don't let it affect mine not to smoke.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break!

I know it's a little to soon to be celebrating spring break, but in my opinion, i'm ready for a week off. I need some "chill" time, but even my break is going to be packed with things to do.

I plan on going to Idaho to visit my grandpa who just but a huge house (because he's afraid of banks), help with making the house perfect for him, visit my aunt and uncle (who must have lost their spoons when they were raising their children, say goodbye to a good friend who's going into the military, and probably spend time doing the never-ending-bed-ridding mountain of homework that I will undoubtedly get from most of my teachers. So, it's a pretty short list, but the last (on the things to do) will take most of my "me" time away.

And thinking about this upcoming weekend and how it's full of time consuming stuff, I thought back about my past "time offs." And I have come to realize, there's almost no such thing as "me" time anymore. I mean, I can only recall a few times that vacation has been a vacation. Anyone who is in school, wont have vacation during the school year. And now, even the "summer vacation" is being takin away by pre-class homework. What kind of sick teachers do that? No offence to teachers, but that is wrong :). The last couple years of high school, many of my friends could only have fun for the first few weeks of summer, and only because they would put off their HW for that long. I, never being one who enrolled in such a class, thought it a joke. But no, they had books to be read before class started. And you had to read them, 'cause if you didn't, everything would go right over your head when class "started."

Having that new perceptive on life (that there is no chill time), it's made me even more want to go to school to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or anyone that makes bank, so I can earn enough money to escape for a while to chill.