Tuesday, February 17, 2009

V. Weekend

Kirkwood this weekend was awesome! Almost every run you took in the morning, you made first tracks through 1ft-2ft of powder. Craziness. This being my first really nice powder day, I have added somethings I like and dislike about powder.

First thing I dislike, is since I'm a skier, I don't like how the borders go straight down. It ruins the snow. Skiers can't really do that. We have to hop, and cut on our edges, because we cannot plow as much of the snow like a board. Now when the boarders cut a line down the middle, it causes the skier to go in and out of powder, killing our legs and sending us head over heals.

Second, boarders get stuck way to easy. Some friends of mine board and they'll go anywhere for fresh powder, even if we had to go to the intermediate runs to get it. Problem with the Blues (intermediate) runs, is some places are not very step. The powder would slower them down so fast they'd wreck, and couldn't get up because the snow was to deep: you could reach your hand down as far as you wanted, and not hit the bottom. So needless to say, i had to pull up a few people out of the snow. But then, being that the run wasn't very steep, they couldn't move, so I pulled them out too.

Other than that, I love powder. Doesn't hurt as bad when you wreck. You can go down any run without fear. Attracts beautiful women that you have to pull out of the snow, i mean who can complain with that?

So what is your opinion on powder?


  1. I wish I had an opinion, but as I have never skied or snowboarded, I don't. However, in remembering back in the day when I was go sleding, I'd do just about anything for a non-painful crash, so powder sounds tempting to me.

  2. haha i was just up at donner week b4 last soo much powder. their runs aren't the greatest so its like make your own trail kind of deal too but yea definitely at least 2 ft powder deep down a run. and for the record, I don't go straight down.. haha thats how people get stuck and/or lose most of the speed anyways.