Sunday, February 22, 2009

Life explained

A friend of mine and myself, we travel a lot. We travel, and as shameful as it my sound, and look for women. A few years back on our "tour", we visited a few places in California with no luck, so we decided to take a trip to Idaho.
The two of us are epic wing men. When we're together, we make many new friends with the ladies haha. Separate, not so much, but as a team, we got it down. Anyway, we hadn't been to successful that week, so we're sitting talking and scoping, as he turns to me and says "I've figured it out." He said "We've got it all wrong. If you spend your life running after women, you'll lose my. But if you spend your life chasing after money, you'll get women." This we died laughing at. We knew this was true on a large scale, but we had or doubts about money of our caliber. So we started a little test. He, being a year older, said he'd be the one to get the job, and I would be the one that was going to pursue the ladies.
So, last year, this is what we did. He'd feed all the girls to me, and he'd pretend to be the work alcoholic that had no time for girls. Things changed dramatically! This last year, he could keep the girls off of him so to speak, and yet my success rate stayed roughly the same.
So now that our research is done, it's time to post our results.

"If you spend your life chasing after women, you'll lose money. If you spend your life chasing after money, you'll get women."


  1. Hey im assuming you've heard of Neil Strauss and the game..if not you've gotta look it up. he's a legend in this line of work.

  2. Weird as it may sound, I haven't. But I had a feelin some out there must say the samething because every time i've said that, people bring up some song i've never heard. I guess great minds think alike.