Monday, May 4, 2009

Politically Correctness

PC (or politically correct(ness)) is a good thing, but the way people want us to us it is wrong. Okay, I take that back, it's not necessary wrong, but it's just a way to bog down progress and (even though it may not seem like it) promotes separation. To prove this, I will give you an example of one of the many referrals (they're bad) I received in high school.

This story takes place in my Economics/Government class. It was just after Barack Obama was elected president. The class walks in and sits down, and the teacher tells us "today is a historic event. Today the United States has its first African-American president." Of course, i'm the student that was known for making sure the teachers knew what they were talking about and challenge them in a positive way. So I raised my hand and asked "shouldn't he just be called an "American"? After all American is supposed to be blind to race." Well, this must have been a racist comment so I was thrown out. When he came out to "tell me who's boss" (which never worked) he asked why I was against calling Barack a African-American. I told him I didn't call myself a European-American, I'm proud to be an American so I say i'm an American. The president of the United States HAS to be an American. Barack was supposedly born in American, so he's an "American." I said he should be proud to be an American and not separate himself from the rest of us.

There was some more stuff said about how I come to school to learn from you, the teacher. If my view is so wrong, teach me, tell me how it's wrong because this is how Americans want to believe. He told me he didn't teach racist things, and I got sent down to talk (again) to the AP/Principle. My counselor came down to listen to me give my speech in the AP's room. They both said I was totally right, and should write in the paper (but I don't like writing so I declined).

So, by being politically correct, my teacher was promoting a separation of race.

Politically correctness slows down progress. Just think of the amount of times you had to wait to say a simple thing as, "hey kid, get to work" because you don't know how they're gonna take that. Then, there are some things that white people can't say (again going back to the separation idea). It's seems only to be white people that are limited because we're the majority (that may not be politically correct). One, that's limiting our freedom of speech of regular words like "boy", "colored" (as an example) when any Black/colored-whatever they preferred to be called- people are in the room. Instead we have to put in words like "as an example" or "I don't mean this but..." or any other way of making our already innocent selves innocent. It's stupid! I can understand not offending people on purpose because that's just wrong. But people need to grow a pair and stop being such whiny sewing babies. California has one of the highest lawsuit rates. Why? FOR DUMB REASONS. "Oops I'm stupid; I spilled coffee on myself. I feel like suing frickin McDonalds for making frickin coffee too hot! STUPID! Get a life.

All this politically correctness has a place. But it needs to have limits for Pete's sake. Anything anyone says could be politically incorrect if I took it a different way. Ugh... So... my solution is: Grow a pair, and realize life sucks, and that's just the way it is. Period.

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  1. This is the worst blog i have ever read. not only is it offending, it is downright dull, and the spelling sucks.