Monday, May 11, 2009

Blogs are a waste of time

I really wanted to do this one next week, but the feeling in so strong, I can't help but write it now. Blogs are a waste of time. What purpose do they serve? To hear about someones life? Honestly, who cares?

Don't get me wrong, I like to her about people's life, and hard times that they made it through that my serve as a example for me going through the same thing. But most blogs aren't, they are just way to get out your opinion. "I like dogs. I got a belly ache last weekend." Who fricken cares? I get about as must out of that as talking to my bedroom wall.

Blogs are only useful if the writer does research, and posts his/her findings so that it's easier for someone else to find. Other than that, you're just promoting stupidity. By the time that I will have finished this pointless blog, I could have gone to at least the different three different businesses, picked up an application, filled them out, and had enough time for some idle chit chat to show i'm good with people. Or, I could have done an 45min worth of research one what ever I want. You could have spent an hour with your kids. All of these you're finding out something new that may help your life in some way. In other words, you're moving on with your life. You will be helping society as a whole by being productive. Blogs about random crap about your self that serve no purpose DON'T!

I have a quick question to ask to anyone who's life revolves around blogging. Is it so hard to get friends or a fan club in real life, that you have to have a ton of cyber friends? I mean come one people, to be useful in "the real world," you have to be able to talk to people. Sure, some people will find a job where you can go to a job meeting and say, "LOL OMG I tld a guy BRB TTYL an he was lik ... LOL OMG that SPOS SOB is so ROFL stupid LOL" but most will not.

So please, if you are asking anyone to write blogs, make them have to write about something useful. Whether you become or are a teacher, a boss, manager, janitor that makes people blog. Make it worth their time. Make it worth societies time. And if there is anyone out there that don't have a job and want one, wanting a better job, and yet you have enough time to blog and read other blogs, I should have the right to walk over to you and kick you in the face. Life sucks move on. Better your life. Find a productive outlet for you social neediness.

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  1. I'm glad you didn't wait until next week. I might have missed it. I sure can't say I'll miss blogging.