Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Over the break, I went to Idaho and visited a buddy of mine before he went into the air force. While we were there, we got board so we went bowling. We happened to go to the first ever built bowling alley in the US, or so it seemed.

This bowling alley was terrible! But it was the kind of terrible that was absolutely hilarious. We called guys over to fix our tweakin out machine around three times within the first five frames (in which a couple the guy stayed for a few frames each. After that, we just went with it because it was way funnier when we had no idea what the machine was going to do next.

The first game we played, I bowled a gutter ball every two balls (I know I'm pro haha), yet for some reason I would get points for my roll. A few times, maybe it's because the machine felt bad for how bad I was, it would give me a new roll free of charge with all the pins up. That means,I'd get two rolls to knock all ten pins, then I'd get one more roll to knock down another set of ten.

One time my friend bowled a strike and the machine gave the points to me. Ya, it was pretty awesome. He didn't think so, but I did haha. I told he that the machine was racist and it loved me better. I know that's not politically correct, but life would be void of humor without politically incorrectness.

Yep, and the grand finally, the machine when it would set up the pins, would sometimes knock them all down. This is cool for the score board because it makes a strike appear, but for the fairness of the game, it was kinda cheep.

So... if you are ever interested in going bowling while you are in Boise, Idaho and looking for a hilarious time, check out some of the bowling alleys row 6 and I promise you an absolutely crazy funny time!

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